Die Videokünstlerin Rachel Maclean macht knallbunte, feministische Filme

Unstettling PINK!

Atelierbesuch in Glasgow bei Rachel Maclean

am 03.02.2019 um 16:40 Uhr in METROPOLIS auf ARTE

Die 32-jährige Videokünstlerin Rachel Maclean spielt in ihren knallbunten Fantasiewelten fast alle Rollen selbst. Es geht um Nationalität und Identität, Feminismus und Genderfragen.

Rachel Maclean im Interview:
„A lot of my work is informed by politics and kind of contemporary event, so this idea of taking for example Pinocchio, I was interested in this fairy tale because of a way I could talk about lies and the way that lies kind of played into the Brexit campaign of UK and also Donald Trump becoming president.“

„So I like to find ways to take I guess kind of like pop culture fairy tales , familiar stories and then bring it into something that seems contemporary.“

„A lot of my work is this kind of colour skin, so almost like a Barbie or Disney princess , little girls bedroom, so it feels typically almost like little girls toys, kind of feminin. But there is always something in the content of the film, or the way it´s delivered, which is unsettling, or difficult.“