One Zero One

One Zero One

The story of Cybersissy and BayBjane

This 90-minutes long documen-tale tells a true story about a most unique friendship, about survival at the edge of society and about the final triumph over mishaps and obstacles that seemed to have one marked for a life in the shadows.

Plakat von ONE ZERO ONE – The story of Cybersissy & BayBJane

It follows a portion of the lives of 33-year-old Maroccaine-German Mourad and 48-year-old Dutch Antoine, two drag-performers, better known as CYBERSISSY and BAYBJANE, two otherworldly spirits, who light up the stages of the international party-circuit with their boundless creativity and their well calculated freakish-ness.

Mourad is, at the height of 149 cm, „the smallest drag queen of the world“. Multi-disabled since birth, he has spent half his life in hospitals and homes for the handicapped. His legs are of different length, he has no regular toes, no regular fingers and just one eye. And yet he has managed to overcome the limitations of his disabilities and to transform himself into a performer who shares the stage of Matinée Group parties on Ibiza with perfectly built go-go dancers and shines even brighter than them.

All of this is, because Antoine, academic educated artist, and burdened with a disturbing family history and serious psychic problems of his own, discovered Mourad and his skills for being a performer and helped him developing the stage-persona BayBjane to match his own alter ego Cybersissy, making him the perfect counterpart for their successful club-performances.

In a colorful blend of documentary „behind the scenes“ episodes from clubs around the world, private video-material, probing interviews, that reveal the inner life of our protagonists, as well as artfully staged fantasy-sequences of lush opulence, the movie celebrates the unique friendship and restless life-style of these two unlikely heroes and shows the triumph of individuality and creativity over the parts that society expects us to play.

The highly emotional music of Gustav Mahler as well as contemporary club-sounds and contributions from many other musicians weave the multi-colored carpet on which this feast for the senses is unleashed.

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